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What Will Ink-Link Do For Your Shop?

Marketing For Tattoo Studios

Ink-Link has mastered the art of tattoo studio success! Our team knows exactly how to get more customers coming through your door – every single month ! Let us help you you grow and watch as Ink-Link works its magic!

Pre-Qualify Interested Clients

Don’t worry about being bombarded by tire kickers – we’ve got you covered! We pre-qualify potential clients so that all you have to focus on is giving your amazing artistry the audience it deserves.

Studio Growth Month Over Month

Ink-Link is the go-to for taking your tattoo business to new heights! With their specialized strategies, each month can be even more successful than the last. Get ready to level up your tattoos and reach a whole new audience of ink enthusiasts with Ink-Link’s help!

Client management Software

Incredibly effective client managing made easy! Keep all your contacts together, and stay connected effortlessly with texting, calling & emailing -all in one place. Plus it’s totally free for any studio when you work with us!