Who We Are

Belizean Ink, Belize

Out Of No Where, WA

7FA Conference, Miami

Rio Tattoo Studio, Vietnam

Ole Soul Tattoo, WA

Hey there!

I’m Jesse, owner of Ink-Link.

We help tattoo shops get more clients through their door every month.

A little about me:

My first tattoo was a girl’s name over 17 years ago (don’t judge. I was 18).

Over the last 17 years I’ve managed to cover most of my upper body and have fallen in love with the art.

One of our favorite traditions is getting tattooed when traveling to new countries. So far the list contains Thailand, Belize, Portugal and Vietnam.

At 29, I made an ambitious leap and started my own business.

Despite being a busy father and going back to school, I went full throttle to learn about marketing for my new endeavor!

Within 3 years the fruits of my labor were seen as I grew my first company to over $500K.

As word got out regarding my successful approach at handling my businesses’ marketing, friends began asking me to help with their companies too; thus transforming what was once only a side hustle into a booming full-time gig.

Now Ink-Link has 7 employees with an office located in downtown Wenatchee WA!

If there’s one thing that we love – it’s helping Tattoo Studios get more clients through their doors every month!

Our goal is to triple the clients of 300 shops in the next three years!

The Ink-Link Team is Based In Wenatchee, WA